Empowered Pregnancy Health and Fitness Summit

Knowledge, Choice, Empowerment

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Join me, Nara Nemira – Fitness and Wellness Coach, for this inspirational, information-packed event. Holistic empowered health is about knowledge and choice. The goal of this summit is to present knowledge to help women make choices that work for their fitness during their pregnancy and recovery. I will interview amazing experts on a wide range of health and fitness topics.

Whether you have just become pregnant or you have given birth this is an opportunity to learn about health and fitness options in pregnancy and recovery.Become empowered to take charge of your pregnancy and recovery.

Become fit and healthy in your Pregnancy and Recovery!

Is Empowered Pregnancy Health and Fitness Summit right for YOU? Yes if:

  • You are a woman recently pregnant that is looking to expand your knowledge of health and fitness.
  • You are a second time mother and hope to be better prepared for your next pregnancy.
  • You have given birth and feel that you need more help determining what is the best fitness option for you.
  • You want to feel more prepared for your child's birth and learn more options for fitness during pregnancy.
  • You are a birth professional hoping to expand your knowledge of types of health and fitness to find ways to help your clients.

What to Expect from the Summit:

  • First make sure you sign up with your name and email at the top of this page!
  • The summit is free online for a limited period of time (24hrs).
  • Before the summit, you’ll receive periodic emails with summit updates and instructions.
  • Once the summit begins you will receive links to the streaming videos of the expert interviews.
  • During the time the interviews are available you will have access to a range of free gifts provided by our presenters.
  • You have the option to purchase the premium package of all the interviews so you have access to the entire summit forever!

What do you get with the premium package?

- Unlimited access to the Summit videos. These are available to download so you can watch them at you leisure.

- Unlimited access to the Summit audios. These are also available to download so you can listen them at you leisure, great for the car.

-Unlimited access to the presenters free gifts.

Bonus Material:

-Become a student of the Empowered Wellness school. This enables you to have access to upcoming courses and summits as well as discounts on future events.

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List of International Presenters:

Your Host

Nara Nemira
Nara Nemira

Nara Nemira is passionate about helping women have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA, Nara has lived on three continents. Through out her travelling she was confronted by the issue that women lose themselves during pregnancy and motherhood. They are often trapped by the world’s unachievable expectations and the pressures they put on themselves as a mother. Nara endeavors to change this for the women of Empowered Wellness Coaching. The goal is to empower women through knowledge and strength, both physically and mentally.



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